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Welcome to LSPN Book Store. Here, you will find books in any of your favorite formats. The books are published in both print and digital formats that you can choose from. Because there are  diverse books in our store, you will have to click the distributor’s logo below to get there. Our major online book distributors are Our Store, Amazon, lulu, and Smashwords.

Our Store is the first major distributing platform on which we put our books, magazines and other print materials for public consumption. Clicking the logo above will take you to our store where you can view and order for any of our products. Thanks!


Smashwords.com is our major platform and book distributor. Clicking the logo above will take you to the Smashwords Book Store where you can read, download, add to your online library, add to Dropbox or purchase the books you like.

Clicking on the logo above, will take you to the Amazon Bookstore. This store is for both Kindle and paperback books. You will be able to see all the book editions in one place, and then choose the ones you would love to read.

Lulu.com is also one of our major distributors. Clicking the logo above will take you to lulu Book Store where you can make free selection of any of our book title your soul desires to buy.