GOD Doesn’t Give Up? Yes, that’s exactly what i mean! In January 2010 I had an experience I’ll like to share with you. I partner with a group of missionary for a strategic campus missions in the Northern part of the country. On getting to the particular campus, I was faced with the phenomenal case of a lady in a Christian fellowship. She was a young and highly fashionable undergraduate student. She wears tight and skimpy dresses that expose her slim body structure and left nothing to the imagination. Not minding her seductive dresses, she was fond of sitting in the front row of the choir. To be candid, the young lady had uncommon affection for worldly fashion and ungodliness. Though an active chorister, she was a real flirt on campus. In fact, some of the fellowship instrumentalists were getting trapped into her pool of seduction. Little surprise her promiscuity has led her into abortion.

That was the state of her life when we got to the campus. All reformation efforts of fellowship leaders of about two sets proved abortive.  Instead of changing, the lady proved more stubborn, arrogant and lack respect. Hence, the fellowship leaders abandoned her concluding that she can never change; she can never respond positively to the gospel message. They seem like implying her life is too terrible for God to save just because she hadn’t yielded to their preaching efforts. They attempted putting a full stop to her salvation case not knowing that God was putting a comma instead. They stopped preaching to her and wrote her off the list of probable candidates of salvation.

One day one of the fellowship members walked up to me and intimates me about her case. He said, “Sir, I want you to speak with a lady in our fellowship whose life has been disturbing,” and he gave the description of her life state. “Some fellowship leaders have tried really hard to no avail,” he continued. “May be God will through you bring the expected change to her life,” he concluded. He proceeded to deliberately introduce the lady to me and we fixed a day and time of discussion. From that day till the fixed day, I waited on God to give me the exact key that could open the door of her heart but He didn’t say anything until the meeting day. While we were praying to begin the discussion God asked me to speak about the composition of human body and I obeyed.

As if by magic, the door of her heart flew open and she was completely broken by God’s word. Before long she started crying in regret of her horrible past. Here is the lady that had been written off sobbing in tears of genuine repentance. For salvation, men saw her case as hopeless but God eventually came to her rescue. In fact, her salvation and consequent spiritual growth is one of the greatest miracles I had witnessed in my walk with God. After her miraculous salvation, she had unparalleled speedy spiritual growth that became obvious challenge for other fellowship members. The highest joy is that the lady is still a disciple of Christ till date.

The challenge

Putting a full stop where God puts comma is a common mistake among contemporary Christian folks. We are always quick to write people off for salvation. We weary too easily when met with resistance in our witnessing efforts. We forget too soon that every sinner, no matter how hardened, is a potential convert. Very often, mere observing the recalcitrant look on the faces of our prospective converts is enough discouragement to stop all efforts. Dear reader, are you sure you aren’t guilty of this offence?

Note that writing people off for salvation is putting full stop where God puts a comma. When you, for whatever reason, write someone off salvation, you are committing a grievous sin. This is because by doing so, you are already acting as a judge. Remember, the Bible says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”(Matthew 7:1-2NIV) God doesn’t ask us to judge people but to preach to them and make them His disciples. Doing anything apart from this is disobedience!

A chain smoker today can become a powerful evangelist tomorrow. A sexual or drug addict today can become a saint tomorrow. In the Bible, we have the example of men like Matthew and Zacchaeus the tax collectors, Rahab the harlot, Ruth the Moabite and Mary Magdalene who were terrible sinners before they were turned saints overnight. This brings to mind the case of the abysmal thief that was saved by Jesus while dying on the cross. If you were Jesus, would you ever save such a man? God doesn’t want anyone to perish. Rather He wants everyone to be saved. A broken reed God would not break, and smoking flax He wouldn’t quench (See Isaiah 42:3). The fact that someone’s life is smoky or bruised by sin wouldn’t make God to write the person off His mercy. His desire is that all might be saved. I do hope that this write up will be instrumental in correcting this error. It’s well with you!