The Evil of Bad Influence! “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,” says a wise saying. Your friend can either make or mar you. Whoever you befriend can transform or deform you. Your friend can cripple or strengthens you. Friendship is about making contribution to other people’s life. There is no way you will befriend a person without a transfer of influence. You therefore need to beware of friends with negative influence. Such are dangerous human beings. A friend with negative influence will draw you away rather than bringing you more closer to God. He or she will encourage you to do things that displeases God. And you know, when you displease God, His presence and protection will be removed far away from you. Your life, home and properties then becomes to enemy’s attack.

As you go about your business today, beware of the friends you keep. Avoid bad association. “Evil communication corrupt good manner,” says the Holy Bible. Dissociate yourself from friends like Jonadab who encouraged Amnon to commit incest with his half sister (see 2 Samuel 13:1-19). Moving with such a friend will mar your destiny. You are a destined child. Right from the womb God had anointed you for specific positive impact in your generation. Watch out, don’t let an ungodly friend truncate God’s agenda for your life. Don’t go into friendship with whoever doesn’t love God. Make friend among godly people of destiny.

My prayer for you today is simple, but critical. May God dissociate you from any friend designate to ruin your destiny. May He separate you from whoever will injure or kill your relationship with Him. If you are already trapped or injured by bad association, may the Lord reach out to you for rescue. May the Lord heal all the wounds you have sustained. You shall fulfill you destiny to the fullness. It is well with you today. Provided a friend had injured you like Jonadab did to Amnon, I will be glad to help you. Share your experience with me, You are blessed.

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