At this period of Global Economic Meltdown, wars and hardship. At this time when government of some nations can’t by themselves fund their annual financial budgets. At this time when men eats by measurement in their homes. At this time when some state governments owe public workers and civil servants their due salaries. It appears as if nobody seem to care about the sufferings that is going on in our communities. Many people had felt abandoned. To many, all hopes are lost.

But Living spring Publications Network had come to let you know that “There is still Hope of Making it in this Season of Global Hardship.” There is “The Guaranteed Solution to the Current Global Economic Downturn.” You can flourish in this season of drought. Your life, home, finance, academic, career … can experience a positive turnaround even at this time.

There are principles you can follow to engender your Flourishing Experience during this global famine. These principles, we believe, will turn your hard story to glory. We in LPN have so much laboured to put these principles together for you. We have packed it together in a book. And we are here to let you know that the book will be out soon. Announcement will be made on our page the moment the book is released. It is coming out soon! Peace to you!