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Influence Not Acquisition

There’s a perspective to life which seems to be obscured to the majority of people. It is hidden from people’s understanding. Not many people have discovered the essence of life while few who did aren’t ready to live by it. This in turn makes individuals of them to approach life issues as seems good in […]

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…What a Fleeting Human Life!

“For the wise it is no negotiation; though he entangles as he makes his passage through this strange, horrendous terrestrial called earth, his subconscious leans-on on the supper being lest he forgets and lose focus of his home far away beyond the golden strand”— O. Peter Many years ago, a man of God prayed a […]

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Wrong Yardsticks to Measure Quality Life

Many centuries ago, there was a notable old time preacher who lived in this terrestrial globe, precisely in Palestine. His birth was unparalleled – an angel announced His conception though not noble at birth. While many of his contemporaries were born in befitting Medical centers of their day, he was born in a sheep pen […]

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I’m a vibrant young man from one of the famous cities in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. I was so privileged to be born into a Christian home where passion for God is the ultimate and concern for Western Education is nothing less. During my elementary and high school days, I had an unforgettable experience […]

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Free Book for All

The Livingspring Publications Network had just begin a free e-book series which, we believe, will benefit all our prospective readers. Sequel to this, on behalf of all of our staff, I have the pleasure of presenting to you the first title in this series, “Honey in the Carcass.” Feel free to download your own copy […]

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CONTEMPORARY YOUTH AND POSTMODERN THEORY We are in a new era. Though there are primordial, modern and postmodern eras. The first two has come and gone while postmodernism is what we have now. This era comes along with a lot of vices which corrupts and pollutes reality. Currently, several futile life styles pervade everywhere, churches […]



The Christian pilgrimage calls for care and caution. It calls for vigilance. We need to be wise lest our adversary outwits us. We must not be ignorant of the wiles of the enemy. If you’re bereft of the enemy’s tactics, you will soon become his prey. The Scripture says, “Be self controlled and alert. Your […]